We are experts in MaterialCentric® Product and Technology Development

We help small to global brands develop new products and technologies.

Macon & Associates, directed by Peter Macon, was launched in 1995 and has delivered material expertise and manufacturing solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner ever since. We continue to develop our material knowledge and product applications world wide, participating in several material libraries, maintaining engineering presence through out Europe and Asia, and expanding our services in cutting-edge material science, intellectual property management, and sustainable design solutions. In addition, we hold extensive relationships with leading chemical companies and often consult in commercialization strategies to launch new material technologies.

Value //

Relationships & Experience

We balance our network of consumer brands and products with a network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Core Competencies

Our ability to explore, re-imagine, and cross-pollinate ideas is balanced by a strong understanding of technical ability, integration experience, and manufacturing efficacy.

Services //

Material Science Mining

• Sustainable materials in plastics, foams, fabrics
• Tough, rugged cellular foams for impact resistance and over-molding
• Fragrance in materials
• Smart and Electronic Textiles
• Gels
• Composite structures featuring 3 dimensional spacer fabrics for closed molding

Concept Engineering

• Industrial design consistent with practical engineering
• Integration of unique material solutions with cost effective manufacturing
• On site manufacturing solutions
• Development of automated assembly options

Manufacturing Engineering

• Manufacturing Process Development (MPD) — cost saving and unique process options
• Articulation of possible intellectual property and trade secret application

Technology Engineering

• Collaborative labs and studios in US, UK, Europe, and Asia
• Smart textile design
• Unique fluid dispensing mechanisms
• Rotational molding with 2 part systems
• Coatings

Smart/Electronic Textiles

• Interactive textile technologies with fashion, communicating digitally
• Lightweight, flexible smart textile circuits
• Flexible sensor and switch platforms

History & Milestones //


• Design of Type III PFD Omega Brand 1973, unique fluted design, recognized as the lightest, most comfortable and flexible life vest for sailing and paddling, basic design present today.

• First to use Dow XFS 4292 as a flotation material.

• First to use Airex Foam in the US as a floatation material.


• As a Manager of UFP and later General Manager of Gemini and Frelonic Peter Macon managed development in compression molded insoles, unique lamination’s, component development and supportive IP, international supply chain development and offshore manufacturing.

• Supported footwear brands such as NB, Saucony, Eatonic, Timberland, Rockport, Dexter, SAS, Nike, and Reebok.

• Primary fabricator for Nerf Toys – assisting in the development and managing the manufacturing of many iconic foam toys including The Original Nerf Ball, Boomerang, Frisbee, Nerf Bow’N’Arrow – and later Cabbage Patch Anniversary Doll, Koosh / Nerf Vortex Football, Koosh Ring, and current projectiles.

• Primary fabricator in the development of protective materials and equipment for Protec, Bell Sports, Cramer, Adams, Bike Athletic, Rawlings, and McDavid.

• Primary fabricator of medical braces including Active Ankle, Bledsoe, Royce Medical, Cramer, Technol.

• Primary fabricator for insulation, vibration control, and alignment gaskets for Whirlpool, GE, Rheem, Trane, Lexmark.

90’s – Macon & Associates

• Consultant to Gehring Textiles, a leader of warp and weft knitted fabrics. Developed and implemented product development strategy of a unique spacer fabric replacing neoprene in the use carpal tunnel and knee braces.

• Managed R&D for Protec – iconic brand for extreme sports head and body protection. Developed and implemented new protection material and molding strategies, established Far East Agency, transferring domestic manufacturing to China for several hundred SKU’s.

And now…

• Material and process consultant to Hasbro – conceived and engineered Weatherblitz football; supporting all design and engineering for Gaming, Nerf, Girl’s and Boy’s brands including cost analysis and IP.

• Lecturer, Design, and material and process specialist for VF Future Fair, Mayborn Executive Summit.

• Refining molding techniques and resin development for manufacturing of drones.

• Material and Process consultant to leading consumer brands and first responders.

Strategic & Technical Partners //

Cute Circuit

Global leader of interactive fashion and wearable technology

G Form

Global leader of advanced polymer technology for impact protection


Iconic DIY “fix that thing” moldable glue, now trending to a material science co

Signal Noise

Leader in visually communicating data and content


Wearable Technology & Developing Product specialists with seamless physical and digital integration

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